Haslemere Methodist Church

"Tips for Carers"

A helpful document for those who find themselves in the position of carer for another person.



If you look after someone who depends on you, then you are a Carer.

That challenging role can creep up on you but where can you can find support?

You are not alone; seek help soon.


Register as a Carer at your doctor’s surgery


Ensure that your doctor is aware that you are a Carer and ask for any Carers Information Pack. Follow-up points relevant to your situation. Keep your doctor up to speed on how you are managing.


Drop into Haslemere Methodist Church at Lion Green, Weyhill


This is now a base for Carer Support in the Haslemere area.  If you are a Carer, visit the church's Open Door Coffee Lounge which is open from 10 am to 12 noon every Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat.


+          Pick up a leaflet of practical 'Tips for Carers' from the rack in the corridor area. Written by Michael Hydon (a former carer), they should enable you to cope very much better and link up with many support contacts.


+          Unwind over some excellent coffee or tea and chat to others in the beautifully renovated Lounge. Do call in as you are able and perhaps also bring the person for  whom you care.  You would be most welcome.


These arrangements offer considerable flexibility should you find that you cannot make it on a particular occasion. The Tips for Carers are also available by printing them off from the carer support section of the church website: www.haslemeremethodist.org.uk


If you live in Surrey, get advice from Action for Carers [Guildford] and join its monthly Carers Support Group at the Haslemere Methodist Church


Register with Action for Carers [Guildford]:


            'phone:  0303-0401234     and       website:   www.actionforcarers.org.uk/


Ask to join their carers support group meeting on the third Wed of each month from 1.15 pm at Haslemere Methodist Church in the Wesley Room. You will meet in confidence with others in a similar situation and appreciate mutual support plus help from an experienced carers' advisor.


For dementia support, contact the Hunter Centre


The Hunter Centre offers a day-centre for those with dementia and help for their families / carers at the Marjorie Gray Hall, Grayswood Road, Haslemere. The Hunter Centre also offers a Carers Café on the fourth Tues of each month from 10.30 to 12.30 where carers can pop in for support and advice.


            'phone 01428-654710                     website: www.thehuntercentre.co.uk