History of Methodism in Haslemere

Although there had been Methodists living in Haslemere for many years previously, it was somewhere between 1880 and 1890 (hence the Centenary being celebrated in 1985) that the organised church came into being and a certain Mr Booth and others began to hold services in the Club Room of the White Horse Hotel (previously known as the White Horse Inn). Later services were held in the ‘Technical Room’ in King’s Road.

The first Trust was formed in 1895 and in February 1896 a small corrugated iron building was acquired for temporary use as a Chapel. This was sited in the garden of ‘Hill Crest’ in Longdene Road. Later this was removed to be used in Greatham, where it was still in use as a Methodist Church as late as 1965.

The building in King’s Road (now owned by the Three Counties Church) was a part of a ‘Mission Extension and Building Scheme’ organised by the ‘Surrey and North Hants Mission’, which was itself a child of the Second London District Home Mission Committee. The cost of the site was 100 and of the building 1,200. The stone-laying in the presence of the Rev Hugh Price Hughes was on Monday 8th October 1900, and the Church was opened by Mrs Hugh Price Hughes in January 1901.

The site at Lion Green was purchased by the Trustees in 1947 for 1,000. In 1950, at the time of the Jubilee Celebrations it was prophesied that ‘the new Church may cost as much as 10,000’.

N.B. The above is taken from the Order of Service for the First Service in this building on Saturday 11th March 1972.

The present building was finally completed in 1972, and has since been updated, including a major refurbishment in 1999 to install new offices, a coffee bar, and a lift to the upper floor, then in 2007 the main kitchen was modernised.  The main sanctuary of the church remains a quiet area.

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